Specialized consulting services

¤ Provision of technical supervision and control services
¤ Engineering machinery consultancy required

1 . Providing specialized technical supervision and control services

Project includes architectural control and technical documentation and other related documentation and compliance with technical standards of sound, visualization, acoustics and other, depending on the project conditions and the definition of the use or uses of the halls.

Acoustic Design ؛ Electro acoustic and sound equipment. Lighting. Interior image and technical design and other related items.

2 . Theater engineering machinery system

Includes all stages of on-stage equipment and equipment, including large stage tower machining facilities; stage and frame or proscenium form, age and front-end avansen, behind-the-scenes access and communications facilities and scene support services.

About theater and machinery engineering and stage equipments Nowadays, the group under the leadership of Masoud Rostaee has carried out a number of specialized projects in the form of key deliverables and specially with the latest stage machining technology after the Islamic Revolution. Is .Located after the first professional lounge made in Iran in the form of an opera house, now known as the Vahdat Hall, for nearly 45 years, it is the only lounge with a high-rise, active but technologically advanced half-century tower, and two small Asad halls. Gorgan and the Intellectual Development Center, which have some of the more limited facilities, and they were built about 40 years ago, until the time of the company’s projects, no revolutionary hall at this level, using standard technology and the power of theater technical and engineering services. , Not made.

Summary of important outlines and process of providing specialized services.
Supervision and control of interior architecture design with technical specifications of acoustics

first stage : Dimensions and Gaps; Geometric and Optical Properties and Sizing Calculations in Architectural Initial Design From the outset and in the process of revising the initial design of the architectural design consulting company and then finalizing the design and optimizing it to operational objectives such as general form thinking. The design of the venues and the design of the venues are tailored to the appropriate and achievable capacity. Accordingly, the layout structure of the ground with the surface area of ​​construction is based on such issues as determining the appropriate slope of the hall, viewing angles, aspect ratio and volume in determining the acoustic parameters and acoustic isolation in determining the final thickness of walls and ceilings before multi-work. The hall with adjacent halls and the separation of the halls with only one wall are very sensitive and important, and many other things are evaluated and incorporated in the final design of the architecture with regard to the achievable optimum capabilities so that all relevant standards are met. Be it.


second stage: At the time of execution if the interior design of decorative, acoustic and acoustic design was required and provided with due regard to the project implementation system. The possibility of working as a concurrent implementation plan in a very limited time based on continuous communication and continuous attendance at technical and internal design workshop sessions during the project implementation is fully presented. Accordingly, meetings are held between the architect or interior designer and the Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Amphitheater and, if necessary, even if necessary to determine a solution to the ongoing visits to the project site. Particularly in the case of co-working with buildings and installations sectors, which is of course important because of the speed of work in those parts according to the project process on the one hand, and the need for some measures to provide the technical and cinematic context on the other.