Padyav Group Design Services

¤ Design and implementation of architecture and interior decoration of cinemas and home theaters; theater; conference; meetings and conferences.

1-Acoustic design : Detailed precision and adjustment of acoustic insulation intervals to control and mitigate the harmful effects of noise exchange adjacent to Venice, depending on the materials and type of wall-mounted primary rigidity. Acoustic isolation will produce a firepower depending on the type of materials used. The use of acoustic doors in the inlet and outlet portions of the halls would naturally be incomplete and ineffective.

۲-Interior Design : In accordance with the design process described in the second step above, the introduction of decorative materials and coating of acoustic wall and indoor ceiling panels is done by mutual agreement or with the interior designer architect and in accordance with technical standards. The formwork is subdivided into walls and executed in parallel with the external ordering and finalizing of materials. The final acoustic coating workshop will be installed and installed as the goods enter the workshop. In this way, it is possible to do all the work in the shortest possible time and if needed with at least two daily shifts.

  • Technical cinematic design In order to incorporate the sound and visual equipment of the cinema and the auxiliary equipment in each auditorium, on the one hand, optimize the design of the auditorium and on the other hand, it will be finalized according to the standards and calculations of the audiovisual cinema according to the following outline:

A-Selection of 35mm digital playback equipment and 3D cinema; layout and layout specifications and technical communications required for installation and installation in the control rooms.

B- Design of Dolby Sound and related calculations to determine the number, type and location of Surand speakers around the hall and the main speakers behind the screen to screen the film of each hall according to its dimensions and function.

‍C- Determine the maximum screen size of each salon based on the dimensions of the front and back angles according to standard panoramic or anamorphic format and CinemaScope format according to technical standards for maximum image efficiency.

D- Dolby Audio playback formats are adjusted to allow analog Dolby, SR and Digital Dolby audio playback so we can play the movie with any type of sound, which is especially important at festivals.

H- Side lighting fixtures such as concealed linear lights behind highlights, interfaces between panels in the lounges, or floor-to-ceiling lanterns are designed and approved according to interior design and technical design approval.

I – Introducing the latest lighting technology features including professional lighting control equipment and projectors. In addition to the design and implementation of the system; the location of installation and design of the standard operating structure. Providing all technical documentation and electrical and optical calculations.

J – Indoor and outdoor carpet supplies are provided and fitted to the interior designer with the ultimate in interior design from the aspect of the final color scheme, providing a variety of suitable specifications and models in terms of design dimensions and appearance and standard of fire resistance.

  • Uses for professional voice concerts :

The design and selection of concert sound equipment is considered if it is available. For this purpose, electro-acoustic design with professional speakers such as ARRAY speakers is carried out in collaboration with Italian and Swiss experts. Loudspeaker layout; Adaptation of technical specifications and controls for audio and video control in the control room, such as audio and video equipment, as well as professional microphone recording equipment according to the type of use and other step-by-step details.