Engineering Procurement Commissioning ( EPC ) services

Only over the past 10 years, Padyav group has completed 8 turnkey cinema complexes with the following divisions:

26 Cinema halls

11 Theater halls

2 Outdoor concert theater

Last but not least, one fully digital audio studio

All the above projects are carried out using the latest methods and most advanced equipment and technologies. Each project has the following main subsections each executed and supervised by the individual Padyav professional engineering teams:
• Theater engineering, stage design and machinery.
• Acoustics, sound and audio systems and electroacoustic.
• Projection and visual systems of 35 mm, digital and 3D movies.
• Design and implementation of heating and ventilation systems based on acoustic standards for the first time in Iran.
• Design and installation of digital billboards and wide display screens for both indoor and outdoor ambient.
• Design and installation of all the internal parts and components like seating, acoustic doors, carpeting and flooring, screen with velvet curtain and all the other accessories.
• Electrical and mechanical HVAC design.
• Interior architectural design.