About us

Where The Padyav started

This complex started its own professional and specialized activities under the management of Masoud roostaei in 1993 and expanded with the establishment of the Padyav Design and construction company and affiliated groups with the aim of expanding movie theaters, amphitheater, theater and music halls. During its twenty years of professional Services By Performing some of the most important specialized projects in the fields of cinema, theater, studio, concert hall, amphitheater and auditoriums, is Trying to provide specialized and professional services with the help of world-class technical knowledge and cooperation of world-renowned experts in this field.

With regard to the supply of internal project equipment and supplies, having a business relationship with more than 29 specialist companies in Europe and Canada, and the use of fire-resistant materials for all elaborate work materials (including acoustics, decoration and interior salons) Worldwide amenities are being used.

The most recent projects in the last four years includes:

Theatrical section with professional machineries:

– Iranshahr Professional Theater Complex (Iranshahr park)

– Professional theater Complex of ritual show center (Malek Garden)

– The great seven halls  of Khavaran Professional Theater Center

(Tehran Pardis Theater)

– Large and small open-air amphitheater halls – Holy Defense Museum


The first professional full digital studio of Iran at Iran music Museum.

Cinema Complex :

– 5 halls Azadi Cinema Complex

– 5 halls Zendegi Cinema Complex

– 3 halls Tamasha Cinema Complex

– 4 halls Razi Cinema Complex (District 11 municipality)

– 3 halls Kyan Commerce and Entertainment Cinema Complex

(Saeedi Boulevard-District 19 Municipality)

New halll of Iran Cinema Museum (Ferdows Garden)

– 9 halls IRANMAll Cinema Complex

– 3 Vip halls IRANMAll Cinema Complex

Concert Halls, Amphitheater and conference halls:

– Ivan Shams Theater and Concert Hall

(Kurdistan and Jalal al-Ahmad intersection )

– Auditoriums and Full digital modern conference room of Social Deputy of Tehran

– Municipality(Kurdistan and Jalal al-Ahmad intersection )

– Professional Concert Hall of Iran music museum.

– Complex of cinemas and auditoriums Tehran university district.

– Art academy Amphitheater (Arasbaran)

– Andishe hall of Artistic field

– Expeditionary Assembly Hall (Niavaran)

– Isfahan Laleh Amphitheater & Cinema

(Isfahan Municipality Recreational and Welfare Organization)

– auditoriums and Conference Center of Isfahan Municipality Library

– Hormozgan Electricity Amphitheater

– faculty of Economics (Somayeh St.)

This group has always tried to provide specialized services and in this complex, in close cooperation with the world’s top specialists and technical cooperation with companies from different European countries and Canada, we try to provide standardized and specialized services at international level.

The equipment and accessories that have been used are in accordance with the latest standards and latest models and have provided From about 29 mother companies, Canada and 12 different European countries based on design, selection and custom order required for each project.

All interior Resistant materials and decorations, including all types of wood and MDF materials, are also fitted with Fire-resistant series standards.

At the same time at none projects previous method has been repeated and each new project has its own unique Professional Terms and Condition.

Also it is never been used fake or out of Technologies Material and also we dont just use materials without pro acoustic analyises .